Guangzhou Yihuanyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: YHY VR
No. of Employees: 30~50
Annual Sales: 2500000-3000000
Year Established: 2016
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
Customers Served: DP Company
Technology: 9D VR 360 degree Rotating

YHY VR, short of Guangzhou Yihuanyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,

a 9D VR specialist and source factory, focusing on Rotating Sense 9D VR (Visual Reality) Entertainment Equipment.

And we are the first to develop the 360 degree rotating sense simulator in China.

Almost 95% Rotating 9D VR simulators in the market are initially developed by us,

like VR 360 King Kong, VR 720 degree, VR 1080 degree, VR luxury 360 degree, all exclusive one in the market.

And, customized simulator is most welcome in our teams,

because a leading R&D department with about 10 Research staff could meet all your needs on 9D VR.


We are aiming to offer you the most safe quality and best sense 9D VR simulators, all with CE and Rohs.

Comparing to other equipment in the market, ours have more than five significant advantages.

Firstly, it is the safety promise. We search the good quality supplier for the hardware, and to make players feel safe and stable when playing in our machines.

Secondly, our equipment are aiming to bring you the best VR experience, each action are experienced by the technician designer at least five times, and so the actions of the Simulator are quite authentically matched the movies;

Thirdly, inside the equipment, all the circuit lines are marked with Arabic numbers, so if there is any problem during the operation, the numbers would help you tell us the lines at once, and so we could solve it fast;

Fourthly, we would create or buy some movies, update to you for free;

No.5, our technician is charging for the after sale service and 24 hours on line, which would make sure you would not have any worry on the operation.


With factory located in Panyu, we have built a very big showroom,

and you would have a fully enjoyment on the 9D VR simulator sense in our factory.

We are always aiming to develop any new sense VR Simulator.

There is one important speciality need to point out that, with our strong R&D team,

we could assist you with professional one-stop VR Theme Park Solution.

Our enterprise spirit is “INGENUITY KEEP IMPROVING”.

Any customized VR simulator or theme park is welcome!


We expect to have your wonderful sense experience on our 9D VR simulators.


2016 - YHY VR (YIHUANYUAN) was established on 9D VR,

VR 720 free rotation three players was developed, exclusive for one company in Guangzhou, China;

2017 - VR 360 King Kong was developed and produced, at the same time,

getting the patents on the shape and on the motion;

2018 - VR 1080 Iron Warrior two players and VR Pendulum two players were developed,

which was exclusive for a VR company from Guangzhou, China;


2019 - we started to do the export by ourselves, and not exclusive for other companies any more; 

and this year, we developed VR 360 teminator and VR 720 one player;

2020 - We are designing and developing a new series for a theme park,

including 4 players VR cinema, 2 players VR 360 , one player self-VR Interactive Game Machine and four players standing platform shooting simulator machine.

2021 - YHY VR brand was founded, and we have the final machines of the new series,

also a new idea was also created, which is estimated to be developed in 2022 .






Quality promised and exclusive VR Machines, like VR 360 Terminator, VR 360 King Kong;

Double VR Egg Chair; Double VR Sliding,VR 1080 Iron Warriors; Double VR Jumping Simulator;

4 players and 6 players VR Cinema, VR Racing Car, VR shooting machines,

VR 6DOF three screens racing motorcycle, etc.


Since we are the source factory, you could get the best and direct price from us,

and no need to search from other trading company;


We supply the after-sale service 24 hours by our technician, even the machines were not purchased from us,

it would be our pleasure to solve the problems for you.

Especially during these two years, many VR company closed or turned to other field,

could not offer the after-sales, but the COVID situation seem to be better, and your VR business would be re-started,

so if you have any problems on VR Machines, you may turn to us.


Well, our general manager is with technician background, and VR developing is really his interest.

And so, we have a quite strong R&D team, so if you have any idea on VR simulator, you may turn to us.


With so many exclusive VR simulators, exclusive distributor in different market is also welcomed.


Our Team

A lively team, started from R&D on 9D VR simulators, some of our engineers has more than 10 years R&D experience;

Sales-team, have more than 10 years' experience on exporting;

After-sale, two of them are from our technology team, are quite professional;

Production department, the manager have been also worked in technology for some years.

What a great team!